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Why do you think that the only two choices are to live by a religion's code or live by animal instinct ? What a bizarre world view .

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Quilted sequin nylon and a
Quilted sequin nylon and a
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Grozuru 09.07.2018
You can say it's your opinion that the sky is purple, but that doesn't make it an opinion. The fact is that the sky is blue and that Trump banned immigration from Muslims.
Tygozuru 10.07.2018
Not if Obama had been her target.
Kazisho 14.07.2018
I am so confused.
Dolrajas 15.07.2018
I second that motion.
Vilar 16.07.2018
ooohhh yeah - push it real good! :)
Talrajas 19.07.2018
There are haters of every persuasion. These horrible people may not be used as an excuse to indict Christianity just as Stalin may not be used to indict atheism.
Vor 21.07.2018
In substance yes. Appearance no.
Akinosida 25.07.2018
Yeah...gravity has consequences etc
Taugul 05.08.2018
Agreed. The OP author started with a lie and continued from there.
Gardat 06.08.2018
Or if you steal a loaf of bread to feed your family vs. stealing something because you're greedy you'll get a different sentence. Or if you kill someone in self defense vs. killing someone out of anger. The guy's still dead but the sentence is situational. Always has been. That's as it should be. You think that the sentence should always be exactly the same irrespective of the circumstances? That's ridiculous. My daughter punched a bully in the face once. I didn't punish her, I lauded her. If she was the bully I'd have lowered the boom on her. Same action, different circumstances. This is a sign of a just society.
Gura 08.08.2018
Christianity - a religion that values death as salvation, and the "sacrifice" of its "God"... Christianity is a violent enterprise.
Nitilar 17.08.2018
I can see the wind, I can feel the wind, the wind makes itself known in many ways and has ways to show us that it has been. Directly.
Brashicage 22.08.2018
What kind of evidence? What kind of evidence would you expect for the creator of the cosmos? This is not A BIT like the loch ness monster, who would be a part of the cosmos.
Vikree 26.08.2018
Fine, then. Show me where Harry Potter and Dracula live.
Yozshuzahn 03.09.2018
What's it matter? It's fiction.
Doull 10.09.2018
Uh, no, not at all. I just put link to a love story out for you to enjoy.
Gagar 17.09.2018
Have you ever noticed the concept of and nature of God is never thoroughly discussed in either the Hebrew or Christian Testament? It is just assumed, even though it seems like the concept changes over the thousands of years.
Goshakar 27.09.2018
One thing for sure is that regardless of who is nominated to replace Kennedy the liberals will cry a river and fight it.
Dozahn 30.09.2018
Interesting I wasn?t aware of this.
Meztisida 06.10.2018
"attempting to read into "
Kajilrajas 17.10.2018
Remember Jesus also tells his disciples that before the death of those gathered around him all the signs will have been fulfilled. If we are to believe him, and about prophecy, then all the foretold signs of what ever they were talking about for the end of the world and the return in triumph had already been fulfilled within about 20 years. It is not like his return is delayed by lack of some sign in prophecy being fulfilled.
Kagazilkree 19.10.2018
Never put it away ;-)
Vudoll 26.10.2018
LOL dang.. that's cold blooded, the rent going up if you lose a job.
Shaktikasa 01.11.2018
Go ahead. He'll tell you, "Sorry, socialist. If you want a clown car, YOU buy yourself a clown car, but the tax-payers aren't going to fund it anymore"...as it should be.


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