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Passing a concentra pee test

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Not sure, but I'm betting it's much more complicated than you or I can understand...

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Passing a concentra pee test
Passing a concentra pee test
Passing a concentra pee test
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You claim all things known come from God. Yet can't back that assertion.
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Hmmmmm, do I care if he/she believes my true life event ? No. I don't.
Doukree 07.05.2018
The kind of scum I'm talking about would most definitely have an escape plan in place. In fact they would look at it like that's the primary objective of the mission, for them to survive. Members of the colony are just workers to them, that are preparing for when the actual members show up.
Tygogrel 16.05.2018
Christianity does not require adherent suspension of reality or to abandon reason. If you had any experience looking at Christology you would find the exact opposite is true. Christian philosophers literally consider Christ the logos. You know what the logos is right? It is Greek for "The way of reason." Christ was killed for what he said. His followers were too. Their killers were the unreasonable ones. And by fulfilling your position as the anti-christian does, you are also being unreasonable. GO, LOOK IT UP. Quit spitting ad hominem at me. You are the loser here.
Mazutaxe 25.05.2018
I agree... Feel free to shame me at will.
Malacage 28.05.2018
Then you accept that it is not determined by biology.
Mikami 31.05.2018
Stupid comment as usual.
Tadal 04.06.2018
I'm wondering, if Jesus was God, then why he didn't raise Joseph from the death?
Malalabar 06.06.2018
The fed raises rates to help put the brakes on economy/inflation.
Toll 11.06.2018
I suspect his grew to be an


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