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Lets Get Bi - Scene 2

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Lets Get Bi - Scene 2

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Trump has proven his critics correct.

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Mukwonago active adult community
Mukwonago active adult community
Mukwonago active adult community
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Kagakasa 07.08.2018
Maybe a wee bit off-topic, but what do posters on here think of the pro-gun argument re: "Assault weapons in / not in / the hands of private citizens"?
Fezragore 08.08.2018
I'm sure to you, I am. Clearly you are a close-minded theist
Kilabar 13.08.2018
I didn't compare education systems at all. Both are beleaguered by quite a bit. Neither is perfect. I think you're taking offense due to a comment that's out of context
Mikami 21.08.2018
You have posted a general summary of religious liberty in the US and abroad, then asked about atheists' views on the general subject. In general, atheists support religious liberty, if, for no other reason, they are usually the first targets of religious oppression. If you consistently support religious liberty, atheist or otherwise, then you are opposed to anti-conversion laws and hate speech laws.
Shakamuro 22.08.2018
Sweden are trying and are in some areas in the forefront of this. But there are religious people here who fight it every step of the way.
Digal 27.08.2018
So you are still blaming a recession that ended 5 month's after Obama took office for his TERRIBLE economic record? LOL
Babei 31.08.2018
And how many more foolish myths and lies about atheists can you come up with today? Neither are you to hundreds of other denominations. But YOURS is the right one! You absolutely know that for a fact! (without having a fact to stand on).
Fenrigami 08.09.2018
Nitwit, your original post doesn't address the OP
Voodoozilkree 12.09.2018
Don't you mean will the President allow them to visit him?
Brakree 20.09.2018
Make a menace out of yourself, some people have no problems doing that to try and get pain pills and things they don't actually need and from the sound of it you have legitimate needs
Samurr 23.09.2018
"Sorry" doesn?t quite cut it. Better try reading it again.
JoJor 24.09.2018
Yep, the idea the black people "need protection" because they cant function in our society is by far the most racist of all. And one virtue signalling that one is their keeper makes the virtue signaller more racists than the neo nazis or the kkk. Equality means equality
Nejar 26.09.2018
Thankfully the courts disagree with people like you.
Kazrazahn 01.10.2018
Sorry Gare but my Trumpophobia is terminal...lol
Golmaran 04.10.2018
Happy drunk ??
Ferisar 08.10.2018
If you are from Saudi Arabia, I would tell you do NOTHING that would get you in trouble. A man worth having, a man that actually cares will man up and make the online relationship an offline, legitimate one.
Kiganos 15.10.2018
In reference to question 4, why aren't the Romans considered heroic for ensuring the successful completion of God's plan (oops, I mean Jesus's plan since your don't think it is God's sacrifice)?
Tur 23.10.2018
If they really wanted to win, those little girls should have prayed harder.
Shaktijar 03.11.2018
I've heard in the porn industry for women it's referred to as "budding"
Zukazahn 09.11.2018
We have a normal minimum wage. I make multiples of Texan
Gutaur 14.11.2018
Without the 'Old,' there can be no 'New.' Without Winter, there can be no Spring. Everything connects.
Shazragore 17.11.2018
Yes, do you prefer the word bullshit? Only until Christianity lost it's power did many of modern advances occur. Europe was essentially a theocracy for over a thousand years and kept most ignorant.
Zolotilar 27.11.2018
Evolution. Big Bang Cosmology which states that the mass/energy that comprises the universe has always existed in one form or another. The churchmen are the guys who wrote the New Testament. If you read it it's obvious the Church already existed when the NT was written. So we know just from that it's a fraud.
Dajora 05.12.2018
Hey Susan! Haven't heard from you in a while. Of course I haven't been around much so...


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