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Well you just do that, my little ketsl!

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Mature nude woman photography
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Faezshura 14.05.2018
So, sucks to be an infertile HETERO couple who wants to get married, huh?
Zulkikora 24.05.2018
Good morning. A beautiful day for funeral.
Fezil 25.05.2018
You're dumbing yourself down to support an agenda. Atheism implies a rational thought process does it not? If a baby can be an atheist then atheism needn't be rooted in rationality but in ignorance. A baby is ignorant.
Maukinos 30.05.2018
So your answer is my questions are irrelevant? Are you implying that you don't have an answer? Please, don't leave us guessing! Why did man deem them to be harmful? If that is too hard of a question, here is one that may be easier - how do you know that morality came from humans interacting with humans?
Gom 31.05.2018
Your distinction seems to be you like what you like, you don't like what you don't like. That just throws objective morality through a wall, down the stairs, and *then* out the window -- in front of an oncoming train.
Basar 07.06.2018
I'm so sad that I wasn't able to keister my bottle of Bailey's to take on the plane with me. DAMN YOU TSA, DAMN YOU STRAIGHT TO HELL!!!!!
JoJonris 08.06.2018
Nobody worth voting for :)
Arazshura 18.06.2018
Tokyo, rare is an atheist that blocks their history on this site. I suspect your adversary here is not much of one even while claiming to be. Closet theist disguised is my guess.
Bakazahn 24.06.2018
Good Morning ICC
Zum 27.06.2018
Dark clarified that it's, in his words, "impossible to say on archaeological grounds" if the house was Jesus' house. The reason it's connected to Jesus is because it appears that Byzantine church builders thought that this was his house when they made pilgrimages to Nazareth.
Nizilkree 08.07.2018
The Problem with books, is people think it's the final say in the matter.
Gardajin 10.07.2018
I like it when you go out of your way to enhance our relationship. Shows incentive toward gump!
Kazrakora 20.07.2018
Very much so
Nikolkree 26.07.2018
Yes, and that is also hard to discern, especially from just a few characters on a screen.
Mamuro 04.08.2018
Tell me what porphyria has to do with this discussion.
Taut 14.08.2018
We should not mock this dude for doing what every climate science denier should do. He did the right thing and we should welcome him to the side of truth. If only every other Trump appointee would do the same thing. Bravo Mr Bridenstine for not being as obstinate as other appointees. He deserves a medal and I don't mean that as a joke. He truly deserves all the kudos we can muster.
Taura 24.08.2018
Sure it is
Kisida 30.08.2018
Yeah..some people harmlessly like to flirt. I get it. Mr. Smith doesn't flirt with me. He's just a decent guy and I think a traditional gentleman.
Kigalrajas 01.09.2018
I believe a good number of the regulars are atheists/agnostics too. I'd buy 50:50.
Fekree 06.09.2018
"There's no God. There's no justice. Morality is a human invention used to oppress people and deny pleasure."
Yozshunos 14.09.2018
Let's assume it was satire... Poor fellow is going to be surprised when he won't find anyone.
Mitaxe 21.09.2018
Could not have one with anyone? Sheesh
Gardami 30.09.2018
They can see you. They can comment at you. You won't get notified and you won't be able to read what they've posted.
Torisar 03.10.2018
Prove it. Lets see the proof of this. I presented articles and presented this op completely off the facts discovered in genetics.
JoJomi 06.10.2018
You don't read well do you?
Kakora 15.10.2018
The Corinthians were Dorian Greeks. The Dorians were a tribe said to have invaded Greece, by all ancient accounts, a short time after the Trojan wars. The Greeks who inhabited all of the Peloponnese before the Dorian invasion, as well as areas of the mainland, were called everywhere ?Danaans? (Danai) and ?Achaians? by Homer. Modern historians assert that the Dorians came ?from the north?, and point to the Dorian Tetrapolis, four cities (Erineus, Boeum, Pindus and Cytinium, for which see Strabo 9.4.10) which lie west of Phocis and north of Delphi on the Greek mainland, as evidence of this. These historians also claim that all Aryans came ?from the north? into the ancient world at one time or another, yet they are consistently in error. Homer is given much credit by Strabo for his knowledge and accuracy in describing the peoples of the ????????? and the regions where they lived, and the poet is constantly cited by the geographer. Homer described all of the people of Greece, and the peoples and places known to the Greeks in the period which he wrote about. Yet Homer makes no mention of the cities of the Tetrapolis, of Dorians in Greece, or anywhere in the north. The Dorians, who invaded Greece by sea (hardly necessary if they came from the north) and pushed the Danaans out of the Peloponnese, and who also later founded their mainland cities, are only mentioned by Homer as being on Crete (in his Odyssey, Book 19).
Tojataxe 18.10.2018
You mean like the christians in the US who enacted laws and amendments to deny equal rights for blacks? Or the christians in the US who enacted laws and amendments to deny equal rights for gays? Or the christians in the US who are enacting laws legalizing discrimination against gays? Or the christians in the US who pass laws denying women the right to control their bodies?
Kigazshura 29.10.2018
I've studied the bible. I fail to see how I'm wrong.
Mezitilar 30.10.2018
I'm not all that sure that it is a logical definition but it is a clever one as it skirts around any attempt to prove that your god does not exist. However, it also doesn't actually prove that he does exist. it applies equally well to any other metaphysical creator of the universe, which makes your god just one of an infinite number of possible metaphysical creators.
Arashijora 05.11.2018
Do you ever get tired of being wrong?
Nektilar 06.11.2018
I'll do what I want, go were I want and say what I want. If I'm not mentioning you but you come at me any way, what's that say about you? If you can't deal with it, that's your problem.
Vimi 13.11.2018
"someone else could have"
Brabar 18.11.2018
Read Matthew 22.


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