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I don't even think it's fair to make that assumption based on the tidbit we've been provided. I think he fits the profile of a cheating scum bag. And a lousy business partner. But that's about it.

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Nikora 29.08.2018
yeah, but was he really? :)
Gokora 04.09.2018
Circumstances changed - Venezuela imploded in a Socialist Supernova.
Daile 14.09.2018
LOL I have dry everglades land for sale...
Zulugal 19.09.2018
Is that your only excuse?
Yora 25.09.2018
No, it's the other way around. The universe is neither rational nor irrational. We've merely retrofitted logic and evidence to conform to our perception of it.
Jugrel 26.09.2018
I feel like this is true across the board, even outside the military. Like we're working twice as hard to prove ourselves.
Tygoshicage 02.10.2018
This doctrine is so easily figured out. This is why we have 30,000 different doctrines in Christianity. People get attached to a personal doctrine that is no where to be found in the bible. Just like the pre-trib rapture
Nami 04.10.2018
Let's debate that tomorrow
Yosar 12.10.2018
I think what's practiced is so routinely bald-facedly evil, immoral and contrary to what's written that it's not worth attending.
JoJojin 20.10.2018
Let me try again, then. Presumably you would be fine with another teacher spewing her right wing politics on her class.
Kejind 28.10.2018
No. Just that even Stalin didn?t kill most of the population of 140 million residents of the USSR. And that Hitler did kill 12 million about half of which were Jews for no other reason than they were Jews. Stalin killed about 12 million mostly peasants by starvation by confiscating their total food stuffs to feed the cities. Because Stalin refused to understand that every farmer must feed himself and his animals and save part of the grain to plant to grow more grain the next year.
Maudal 01.11.2018
Sounds as if you are going to slap a beard on me and call me JC!
Sazil 11.11.2018
That looks like fun. Ever been to Austin? Sixth Street?
Nerisar 15.11.2018
Yes it does mention the town but what's oldest manuscript with that in it? We don't have any complete manuscripts from before the Fourth Century. These things went through quite an evolution before the Church decided to mass produce them. Since you have the Greek font there, the interesting thing about Mark is that it's written in the present tense. So like when you tell a joke, "A guy walks in to a bar and says to the bartender.." One hint the book is fiction, another is that the author is an omniscient author who knows about things and conversations that happened when no one was around. He even knows what a crowd was thinking and even that they were thinking wrong. Also historical narratives never contain word for word dialog, people all speaking incomplete sentences. The book is nothing like a propaganda laced historical narrative like the Gaelic Wars but a drama set in a somewhat historical setting more like say Sherlock Holmes. So perhaps I'm wrong though I don't think so. It doesn't matter because nothing happened there anyway.
Kazraktilar 26.11.2018
He is an Idiot like the Evangelistas !
Damuro 05.12.2018
Decent enough explanation. There is more to it of course. Many civilizations in the area have now(well sorta) been found to use cuneiform or something derived from that, pretty remarkable IMO.
Zulkisho 13.12.2018
You said there were other people who were pushing it... I can't think of who those might be. I am certainly aware of situations where Christians went to great lengths to end non-monogamous marriage traditions.
Nem 16.12.2018
I take it you are not one having faith.
Tejind 25.12.2018
Be warned, I'm tall and thick and she is petite and skinny, and apparently we aren't some guys "type".
Dale 28.12.2018
doesn?t mean if you take the Lords supper your a Christian if your not living in Gods will
Kalrajas 03.01.2019
Kagagul 08.01.2019
Did I say vote for Wynne?
Kashura 12.01.2019
Eh, you're just being a snot now. You know that the single mother in the inner city is not sending her kid to catholic school to get bible training. She's sending him there because of discipline and academic superiority. Sounds to me like you want to limit the opportunities afforded the poor in order to advance your leftist utopian fantasies.
Shakak 14.01.2019
Nope. Not going to join you in this dance. Check the links if you feel like it, or not.
Shaktikasa 17.01.2019
I predict Trump will do much better with the Jewish vote in 2020.
Taurn 27.01.2019
It does make clear the way I intended certain things. But upon proofreading it seemed like there were an awful lot.
Vok 30.01.2019
m'eh (sorry you walked right into that one)
Shanos 01.02.2019
Yes but criminal harassment is different
Nikus 11.02.2019
I figured you'd come whining here with some BS in I am wrong. This is why I took a screen shot of your words directly.


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