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Here is a reminder of today's topic - Former Republican congressmen warn colleagues time is running out on standing up to Trump: ?Legacies will be formed?

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Kabei 01.04.2018
That's what I'm thinking. It just doesn't make any sense. Does she call the cops on every single minor infraction of policy?
Tozilkree 03.04.2018
I wish it was legal to tase anyone gushing about 'the upcoming royal wedding'.
Tulmaran 06.04.2018
You are really bad at predicting things, I doubt this time will be any different.
Gardazil 16.04.2018
Blue cheese and applesauce is amazing and its also good in a pasta sauce....Yum
Kazigor 22.04.2018
Worth it to miss out on God of course
Zologul 24.04.2018
Yeah, but I picked the fundamentalists from each group - a fair comparison.
Mikasho 05.05.2018
not yet, but given the Trump tariff plan, soon enough if you disagree make an argument...?????..
Mezragore 07.05.2018
The problem comes with defining infringing on the rights of others. In America, it's becoming common for certain Christians to feel that their right to believe includes discrimination in the marketplace. You are free to discriminate in your own church, but the public marketplace includes all. If you cannot handle that, then you should not open a business.
Togrel 10.05.2018
Always glad for the acquaintance, I had my perceptions. Not many as adventurous and emboldened to achieve your levels of sufficiency's. That is pertaining to my and many other's life's accomplishments.
Vijar 19.05.2018
Get you reaaaaal hawt.
Zulutaur 21.05.2018
...and about as stable as a pogo stick.
Gujar 31.05.2018
It has no bearing on the current NAFTA negotiations and Trumps absurd tariffs.
Golrajas 02.06.2018
How to cause maximum shrinkage in embarrassing settings.
Nishura 06.06.2018
I won't mention it again: I do not answer such questions. There is no need to explain why, either. I will not discuss it.
Fenridal 11.06.2018
I would have just written it off.
Yocage 16.06.2018
And she didn?t have to ask in the first place!
Jujinn 17.06.2018
Ruben...test it against history...many accounts. Practically empirical evidence. You are testing a single source God. Test, retest with multiple even secular accounts. its enough
Sall 23.06.2018
Thousands of Americans, under their Constitutional rights, do not stand for the NA, salute the flag or sing patriotic songs. It is their Constitutional right to choose to or choose not to stand for the NA. This has already been decided by the SC.
Sadal 29.06.2018
Sir. Disclaimer: I am not a historian, nor have I ever portrayed one on TV
Kajishicage 08.07.2018
You mean members of the Air Force will now have to be indicted by grand juries, as will National Guards personnel lest the country is at war?
Marg 15.07.2018
Yes. I'm not really into telling someone else how many kids they should/shouldn't have, but they must be able to take care of them.
Mazuru 18.07.2018
God. God could be. A transcendent law-giver could be. Anything else ends up with, "Who sez?" and only might can make right.
Doujas 21.07.2018
Let me say it again. Man should not decide how they should take God. Neither literally nor figuratively. There is no verse on this. This is just adding to Scripture.
Met 26.07.2018
No one knows,
Mucage 27.07.2018
Holy deflection batman. Were we talking about Ford?
Gashura 04.08.2018
I don't think you need to set up barriers to discussion here.
Shakat 12.08.2018
Greg, I'm back. Sorry it took so long.
Grozahn 19.08.2018
1. Anyone who can justify killing another human being, because their deity tells them it is okay, is immoral. Any deity that asks you to kill a child is immoral.
Samura 21.08.2018
PC has infiltrated this one's brain so deeply that they can't even identify it! Keep on losing!
Nahn 28.08.2018
featured comment! AGREED
Meztirg 06.09.2018
Sigh, another writer who doesn't understand present value.
Fektilar 15.09.2018
lmao. Yup, why can't we see the truth??
Nikokinos 20.09.2018
If you truly have righteousness on your side, then you have no need to hide your face. The fact that most of them are covering up is very telling.


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