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2trans fucked by 2 guys, Hot 4some

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Yes there is actually a lot of pretty clear and convincing evidence that God does not exist. Of course it's difficult to prove a negative. However there are a lot of things that should or should not be true if God does or does not exist. For example there is no clear evidence of the existence of any gods which is not surprising of no gods exist. Arguments for God?s existence suffer from irreparable logical flaws, which should not be the case if there really is a God. Religion demands faith and discourages attempts to verify its claims through testing and experimentation. This fact is less surprising if there is no God. Religion has a history of intolerance and violence, and this not likely to be true if there is a God. Science is a very effective way of gaining knowledge. Revelation and scriptural study are not, as people disagree about both and this fact is more likely to be true if there is no God. Religion attempts to suppress outside examination and criticism, and this fact is less surprising if there is no God. Religion has cruel, dangerous and repressive doctrines which it is morally incumbent upon us not to support. This should not be true if religion is true. There is a vast amount of religious confusion and disagreement between people who are members of the same religion. This fact is less surprising if there is no God. Religion is fragmented into sects that cannot agree on key issues of doctrine or ethics, and this should not be true of religion is true. Religions emerge in isolated areas and only then spread in space and time, rather than appearing in every society at once. If there is a God this should not be the case. The mind has a physical basis, and this fact is less like to be true if there is a God. There is too much gratuitous evil and unnecessary suffering. This should not be true if there is a God. Naturalism is the norm and supernaturalism cannot be verified which makes sense if there is no God. The Bible contains many contradictions and historical inaccuracies, and this fact is less surprising if there is no God. For the most part belief in God is a force for stagnation and against progress. This should not be true if there is a God. Atheists are no less happy or fortunate than believers and usually more so. This should not be the case if God exists.

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Lesbian lovers in action
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Mugor 26.07.2018
Wow 3 days and not one answer from the Christianists.
Zololabar 30.07.2018
That doesn't sound like the case here. They don't have a jokey kind of relationship.
Vudogore 08.08.2018
The Catholic Church needs to fade away into history.
Mern 09.08.2018
maybe doesn't want to jump in the fray any more than she already is. Who knows?
Gonos 12.08.2018
It is programmed. People hear that word and they suddenly have Roman Orgies and Bosch paintings in their head. What do you expect with Western Culture raised on the nipple of sacrifice and mindless devotion? The implication is that hedonism is automatically negative and anyone who indulges must have an inability to apply restraint, or comprehend self-destruction (which is certainly a violation of the pleasure principle,) and, no doubt, lack the ability to be giving, kind, or loving. All of which is BS.
Taumuro 20.08.2018
1)FBI persons fired for misconduct or incompetence is irrelevant.
Shaktishakar 29.08.2018
Now you are on about gibberish. You said Gods breath is the Holy spirit, and I pointed out it isn't as we indicate to it as such when he talk about the trinity, The father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Nanris 03.09.2018
Someone seems a bit angry. Wrong side of the bed this morning?
Akinokinos 13.09.2018
That's forgetting?! lolololl
Gasida 23.09.2018
Do you agree that Antifa uses fascist tactics?
Fenrimuro 30.09.2018
Forgive me all my Canadian friends.


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