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You should quote the whole paragraph. You mis-understood.

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Hot Shower Sex Video
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I have read both the Bible and the Koran. I read history and News. I am aware of the bloody borders of Islam and of various other mind-subjugation regimes.
Vigis 24.06.2018
Eh, Hinduism had that long before Christianity. Though admittedly it's questionable that Jesus would've had access to Eastern philosophy.
Faeshura 04.07.2018
I knew I would rub off on you eventually! LMFAO!!!
Mazushura 12.07.2018
I was just telling Gehennah that belief in Jesus causes a lot of Christians, you know creationists to pretend they know more than scientists. This is funny because what creationists know about science is actually less than nothing.
Fetaur 14.07.2018
Mikadal 23.07.2018
I consider stuff like that part of determining "enough," to be honest. Like having extra money set aside in case of emergencies, rather than simply having enough for your current day-to-day.
Malajinn 01.08.2018
yup.. see those two bitty dots at the end of it? It looks more like a pet rock to me.
Nesho 04.08.2018
Obama brought us out of Bush's recession.
Gardam 10.08.2018
Lol I don't want some contentious muhfugga rolling up telling me if I wasn't fat I wouldn't need to work out so hard lol.
Jukasa 16.08.2018
The bible hasn't been preserved.
Salabar 17.08.2018
well, in real life, I met a gay once, was during summer school, and he wanted to know how/why I became Christian.
Kajinos 24.08.2018
Why should he apologize to her? Wasn't it a consensual relationship? I don't think I've ever heard her say otherwise. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on this.
Maular 24.08.2018
Did you take his last name?
Shanris 26.08.2018
It's the latest development on the story.
Faekinos 30.08.2018
No, it's not. The people of Israel live.
Taulkree 31.08.2018
Venmo is sort of like PayPal but it can be used pay people quick transactions. Like you go out to dinner with a friend instead of asking for separate checks, you can Venmo them their half and it goes directly into their bank account
Nim 02.09.2018
I don't care who hired him, waving that fact around is supposed to change his pedigree?
Fele 05.09.2018
?Foundation of the life sciences?
Zugor 07.09.2018
????????Now Silk will be on repeat in my head, thank you so much dammit??
Nall 15.09.2018
What are these "bigger questions"? There is no ultimate purpose in the universe and we are accidents of nature. This being so we are left to create our own purpose which will vary with the individual. Many find it necessary to have an imaginary friend, others don't need this prop.
Meztizilkree 24.09.2018
That's actually a kind of hostile response to a rational comment I made.
Gabei 03.10.2018
Using your "logic" they need some porn stars & ponies, too.
Nikotilar 08.10.2018
So you think that the chemical substance of the wine and bread are changed into the chemical substance of flesh and blood?
Nikozahn 10.10.2018
You're right, conservatives are naturally dangerous. It was at a Mike Pence rally where you stated you'd have a violent rebellion if Hillary won didn't you?


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