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Die Latex Maid Luder TV Show + Scheiss Transvestitenschweine wegpressen

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Where is the regret?

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Girls that love to talk about sex
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Kibei 30.05.2018
Nah - now i know you have a fetish.
Shakalar 06.06.2018
Don't forget pork roasts!
Goltijas 14.06.2018
Exactly, which is why both the NDP plan and the PC plan are really just fantasy wish lists. They're like our own personal wish lists which kind of get mugged by reality at some point. (Yes, I'd like a new Camry but I might have to settle for a used Corolla). Even the Liberal budget would have to be rejiggered if they were ever elected (not that they have to worry about that).
Morr 25.06.2018
You can also be sexy. Just sayin'.
Nekazahn 27.06.2018
Yet, racist flock to him. He said some vile things and the fact folks like you accepted that was a big flag to them that it was now ok to say that crap
Mekree 28.06.2018
Yea, I got your drift. As as a response to the criticism of cherry picking, you decided to double down and cherry pick even more.
Zull 02.07.2018
Oh...it didn't seem like it. My bad
Mazujinn 10.07.2018
Right?! And they PAY these people to tell them what to do!
Dolmaran 13.07.2018
Other than unemployment (which was brought from almost 10% to 4.6% under Obama and continued to drop to 4.4% under Trump), have the police officer murders dropped? Welfare was declining in Obama's second term. Has it declined at a faster rate under Trump? You are associating all problems with the president at the time and that's exactly what Trump haters are doing... except you hate Obama. Sad.
Kazrakree 23.07.2018
And you have evidence that everything was created by god I take it?
Douramar 25.07.2018
Nope. I read the article. I always do before I comment. I still think it is far right hogwash. Sorry if that bothers you.


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