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Then you've brought nothing new to the discussion, because you are (so far) unwilling or unable to cite any difference.

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Mezizil 26.06.2018
I like how offended everyone gets bc a mama made some cute but real project about being a mama. It's all "what about what dads do?" well, we aren't talking about dads in this particular article but if you'd like to focus on dads feel free to post something of your own.
Arat 02.07.2018
He's suited up
Gogul 10.07.2018
A quote that has been widely misunderstood by many. John 10: 34, 35 is in reference to the Jewish magistrates of Psalm 82:6. They administered God's justice to God's people. The magistrates are called God?s sons.
Talrajas 18.07.2018
"What's your opinion on xyz?"
Febar 24.07.2018
Comes down to entitlement in my opinion. If you notice, it's become more and more pervasive in our current culture and a large part of that is how our society has shifted its values and how we raise children. We've become overly sensitive to the idea of losing and of failure. Every kid gets a trophy. Everyone must like you. We grow more and more narcissistic and base our self worth on quantities and not quality. We confuse having an opinion about something as 'hating' and demand we aggrandize ourselves via curated profiles/pictures. As it pertains to women, you couple this narcissistic self-entitlement with the fact that we live in a rape culture, and it's no wonder that maladjusted youth are going around shooting people for being jilted.
Jull 28.07.2018
GL. I am so sorry for your loss. I am at a rare loss for words. I do hope that your years of laughter are remembered far more than the months of tragedy.
Mishicage 03.08.2018
He could just have easily found a running car in the store and mowed down Ikea shoppers.
Dilkree 07.08.2018
It?s a frustrating game for sure but when you hit a great shot in golf, the feeling is amazing.
Arashimuro 13.08.2018
I guess not.
Nitilar 14.08.2018
Why are you being so political? There is enough blame to go around - but it will be average people that pay the price for Trump's power mania.
Aramuro 18.08.2018
Sorry, I have no idea what you mean. What is "quality of existence"? What is "relative dependence of phenomena"?
Shakarn 25.08.2018
King David didn?t exist
Mozuru 28.08.2018
That would be a start.
Zuluk 07.09.2018
And your Nazism.
Dagrel 15.09.2018
Afterthought. I edited before you replied. But it?s still pointless. He created the sun before all other natural light sources.
Meztizil 19.09.2018
Your dishonesty is exposed.
Nasho 30.09.2018
I was a grownass woman in the nineties, so I was working and raising kids. I was, however, in my dirty thirties, when women bloom into sexual machines. Nothing more dangerous than a single woman in her thirties!
Akinogar 06.10.2018
You do know that criminal activity and impeachment can be mutually exclusive, right? You seem to be under the impression that they're somehow related and they're not. He can be charged with a crime and not impeached, and he can be impeached without being charged with a crime. Impeachment and pardons have nothing to do with each other as of right now.
Fetaxe 11.10.2018
Christianity includes God's judgment. Conveniently, it hasn't happened yet... but this OP is about atheist failure to live up to the natural logic of their a priori morality.
Mauran 12.10.2018
There's so much awesome in this post
Gukasa 22.10.2018
Christian law comes with dress standards, and behaviour standards for women.
Nikogor 24.10.2018
Lets skip all those, k.
Mehn 31.10.2018
Congratulations, you?ve figured out the point of a protest
Vogrel 08.11.2018
"When you quote one verse, it is out of context, by definition."
Vusar 13.11.2018
God is imaginary. Fact.
Mezirn 15.11.2018
I know. I've explained why it's the same in your head. Again, what part of government is being controlled by religion? Not a single abortion law is contrary to secular medical opinion on the beginning of life, so that's not it. So what?
Moogujar 16.11.2018
I agree. It's part of a bigger issue.
Shaktizragore 24.11.2018
To me is not that simple, I don't think is just a two horn problem, like " I don't understand X, then supernature is the cause". imagine we didn't know what caused Polio so---> Supernature, no , right?.. like the days when Angels "pushed planets in their orbits and demons tormented folks in mental hospitals - We've come a long way from those days - That is "Magical" thinking which would require a new and unfounded way to examine reality.
Dugal 30.11.2018
All you did is point out that there are additional definitions of faith that don't apply to the definition I was using. To keep pointing out that there are additional definitions when I've already indicated the definition that I'm using is rather ridiculous.
Takazahn 09.12.2018
Likewise, my gratitude for investing in your comment, P the Ponzi. My investment in original sources has been in other areas, and I admire and envy your relish and acquaintance with so much material. Alas, my location in a fairly peripheral city in Latin America limits my access to resources, not to mention issues of financial security with a small family.
Arashisar 09.12.2018
Hamas Threatens Argentinian athletes so they can lie about why game is canceled.
Voodoogal 20.12.2018
But the Libs never did get their S together....
Torisar 30.12.2018
No, and I admit I have not explained well. Our perspective is limited to viewing time in one direction. That does not mean that time itself is limited, or that our perspective is any more valid than one which views time in reverse. Cause and effect may not be a one-way street.
Faushakar 07.01.2019
"I think social shaming began with the social justice warriors of the Left."
Gardasar 09.01.2019
Get with the program Mr. Portman!


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