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Facts on homosexuals adopting

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Just as I've heard all the Christian platitudes. It doesn't make either of them any more or less relevant or meaningful to the ones who see it that way.

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Facts on homosexuals adopting
Facts on homosexuals adopting
Facts on homosexuals adopting
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Kazijind 16.03.2018
You know what I meant. Vegetarians get asked this all the time and it can get irritating.
Taran 22.03.2018
Stop being such an easily manipulated boob.
Nikor 22.03.2018
The phobia for Christianity is totally irrational as its main message is to love one's neighbour, and even one's enemy.
Vudokus 02.04.2018
That is what I just said.
Tegor 09.04.2018
If......you......are.......shouting.......at......me......in......my......face.......then, I very well may attack you. That has been my point through this whole waste of conversation.
Tukasa 15.04.2018
Yep, I'll ignore something rational and stick to your superstitious nonsense.
Memuro 21.04.2018
I'm not sure there is such a thing as "objective morality".
Zulugami 25.04.2018
So far for the EU, Canada, and Mexico the % of tariffs on imported US products, is quite small compared to the total amount of imports, China, on the other hand, is a different story, my advice to Trump, drop all the silly economic and national security nonsense, then go visit any general store in the US and soon realize you cannot win a trade war against China
Goltihn 27.04.2018
I just explained why they love the darkness, which a person who knew the bible would have understood. I was not speaking a logical fallacy. Here is the verse i was referencing.
Tajar 07.05.2018
Of course you did.
Dazragore 13.05.2018
It was used, like religion to explain the unexplainable. I suggest you look into podcasts by Sam Harris, Joe Rogan or Jordan Pederson. They are all over the map politically, spiritually and are grounded in reality as we can best explain it. Astrology has been replaced by Astronomy.


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