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Buddy away messages that dont suck

The Last Night Warcraft SFM

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No thanks, don't want the Deep State to have my address.

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Buddy away messages that dont suck
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Goltishakar 01.06.2018
Finally! Bravo, Supreme Court. (Except for the 4 dissenters. Who are they? (Before I go look - and report back - I will bet anything that two are the whacked-out Leftist hateful Ginsburg and the Soda-in-my-ear Latina.)
Tuzilkree 09.06.2018
how do you know something doesnt come from nothing?
Nerr 18.06.2018
Some people in Catholicism do - stop pretending you can generalise that to the whole billions of people
Mezizahn 24.06.2018
You are the one going against mainstream, peer-reviewed science--nothing to do with fission or fusion, not one of which you know the first thing about.
Dulkree 30.06.2018
What gap do you propose I am filling exactly?
Nikojar 08.07.2018
He didn't specify. Its no big deal.
Fegis 12.07.2018
I don't have much to contribute, other than I read down through the comments and it warms my heart to see so many people extending compassion, experience, and just love to anyone suffering from these issues. I pray anyone affected feels that warmth too and knows there is hope ??
Vuramar 22.07.2018
OK, I can't let this one go, like a dog with a rawhide chew toy :) I'm going to step out of my own rules for a second here.
Dabar 26.07.2018
EI is a federal program.
Mazusho 30.07.2018
Warriors too good


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