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Black girl white guy

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Black girl white guy
Black girl white guy
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How are you holding up since the Diet Coke incident from yesterday?
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No judgement, but $300 is such a nominal charge that close friends should not allow it to be an issue in their relationship.
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Not sure where you're getting 4....lol
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That's just a wall of text to me. And none of what you said answers my question about how 20 years here or there would change anything.
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They are all ETHNIC conflicts. One ethnicity stomping on another. Racism.
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In this instance it is about making judgements immediately. While I see prophesying as Creating Ability manifesting in the future.
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What a naive attempt at switching goal posts. Atheists are by the very definition not Muslim, and I have a suspicion that LGBT Muslims won't be the ones with any desire to chop your head off.
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Are we back to arguing "women wearing trousers is an abomination"
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They would use it in conjunction with a field sobriety test. You fail the test, they give you a swab, they take you in and run the tests.
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I sure can Mr K. What is your email address Mr K and I will send it you kind sir.
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Perhaps if you came with subtitles.


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