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Voodoojas 18.08.2018
Some people are happy to go to the ceremony without having to put up with the bs that is the reception. Like that elderly lady that used to babysit for you, or a favorite teacher - someone who meant something to you - and vice-versa - but with whom you don't really share social circles. And Mrs Briggs from the library probably doesn't want to get down with your homies.
Virr 28.08.2018
No, there was a story a few years back when Georgia arrested a lot of illegals without work permits in the fields. An enterprising young man wanted to start a shuttle service for folks living in HUD housing to the fields to work, but he couldn't get any takers from those living in subsidized housing.
Gugore 06.09.2018
Mom - 2nd generation in the US from Mexico.
Megul 12.09.2018
Possibly it is. What is your point?
Torn 13.09.2018
My own picture right there is an argument as to why Protestants have no authority over the Catholic Bible.
Yom 18.09.2018
The content made no sense. Bit of a weird ramble. I wouldn't trust anything about your math as you make claims about some of it not existing, even when it did.


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