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It was also Christians that stood strongly behind the push to keep blacks as slaves, to keep women in the kitchen, to keep gays down, etc.

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Asian homes in pi
Asian homes in pi
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Maucage 26.08.2018
You say it wasn't God's screwup, but a simple read shows it was.
Tolkis 04.09.2018
Our existence is made up of space, time and matter. In order for this to exist, something outside our existence would need to create such a model. I call that something, God.
Darr 06.09.2018
one of "those"????
Taukinos 14.09.2018
Oh really? Then why do we share 98% of our DNA with chimps?
Tygokinos 17.09.2018
It didn't, though. According to judaism, it didn't.
Tugor 19.09.2018
Time for a Misterectomy


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