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DeSantis can't show up to vote but can diss waters. She was wrong but he was wronger

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Bajin 07.08.2018
Dunning-kruger much? We're at like, 20 volleys
Fenrihn 11.08.2018
This Spurs fan endorses this comment.
Nam 17.08.2018
Nor would I.
Zulkim 27.08.2018
They really are using you as a useful idiot, Kimchi! Aren't you ever embarrassed by your role?
Nikorr 02.09.2018
This isn?t my view. It?s a view.
Tulmaran 07.09.2018
DSF. Does generally being brain dead count?
Fenrigami 14.09.2018
I do NOT. I know better. Your God is false. YHVH God is true. He has proven Himself over, and over and over. He has also announced this to the world. His greatest proof of Himself is the death and resurrection of His Unique Son. Ghetchimanitou is fake. But really, believe what you desire to believe. It won't affect me in any case.
Faugis 23.09.2018
The Big difference is just here. Does He exist or not. Because if He does the difference in allowing "music" to do this . . .
Mikarr 30.09.2018
Here is the other satellite dataset, RSS. Looks more like UAH's old version than the new one
Jugami 06.10.2018
Well at this point and position in time I know about a bloke that was Jesus too. But that bloke thinks he is "Phaedrus".
Yolkis 09.10.2018
It's not so much that animals are poorly designed as that they're created without design at all. Designing means planning and thinking ahead. Evolution only ever reacts to what has happened. It never thinks ahead to prepare for what's going to happen.
Faejora 15.10.2018
We sure do, WE DA BESTTTT
Kazralkree 19.10.2018
Tell me then, exactly, and I mean exactly no weasel wording, what is the unsubstantiated accusation before the courts directly pertaining to Trump.
Vusho 27.10.2018
Not hardly. Most of these deaths are gang related, and they have seemingly no problems getting access to firearms.
Kidal 29.10.2018
"using best available current evidence to form a moral opinion "
Kazrajinn 01.11.2018
Does one's intelligence and/or career qualify as one's actions?
Mazurr 01.11.2018
Maybe the photographer is a good editor ... or slow? lol
Tozshura 08.11.2018
I qualified my statement
Gardakree 11.11.2018
I am a believer w/no knowledge of God other than what the Bible
Moogugami 13.11.2018
Oh, ok! Been there many times. The park at Buffalo River was our summer vacation every year for years. Been to Petit Jean several times as well. Even seen Crystal Caverns a time or two. : )
Faurr 15.11.2018
My OP clearly lays out my argument. If you want to pretend it isn't there, that is your choice.
Kaganris 19.11.2018
lol, can't explain it? np
Kazrakazahn 29.11.2018
That's so beautiful, and a reason to 'worship' nature. Now tell me again how we get from ferns to humanoids?
Shakticage 01.12.2018
Usually if I know someone?s like that and I want to be their friend I just won?t discuss anything with them that I think is contentious. If they try to bring something up I just remind them that they?re not the kind of person that can handle a discussion
Daimi 06.12.2018
No. It wasn't written as such. It just wasn't.
Grorg 16.12.2018
No, your sex is. Gender is a social construct and historically there have often been more than two. But this has little to nothing to do with sexuality
Yozshuk 18.12.2018
Right-click and open in a new tab... then you can zoom in. It's a basic, simple and non-threatening way to describe the reality that humans are all a bit different... and that's OK. :-)
Vudora 24.12.2018
.... moving in mysterious ways.
Mizragore 28.12.2018
Ohhhhh!, a modicum of wit from the idiot!
Babei 05.01.2019
That isn't a hard and fast rule. At my cousin's wedding they stayed until the cake was taken off all the stands and sliced before they left. That way the cake didn't get ruined by someone accidentally knocking it off a column.
Gogis 11.01.2019
I like aggressive Melli. Just throwing that out there. People need smacks.


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